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Break the hate chain. No more kill!
(Native)Japanese version
Home LAN by FreeBSD(in Japanese)
NTT-west Flets fiber by FreeBSD(in Japanese)
Move from DOS(in Japanese)
How to diskless boot(in Japanese)
How to concatenate /usr(in Japanese)
How to RAID on HP Proliant ML115(in Japanese)
Ported applications
Firefox3 package for FreeBSD6.3/i386(in Japanese)
FreeBSD on M741LMRT barebone kit(in Japanese)
XF86Config-4 for Matrox Millenium G450(in Japanese)
xorg.conf for nVidia GeForce8400GS(in Japanese)
Using Pentium3 SSE instructions on FreeBSD4.2
How to install current(in Japanese)
What is best ether card?
How to rip a audio CD (in Japanese)
enjoy IEEE1394
AthlonXP dual & TYAN TigerMP(in Japanese)
Tiny Tips
Sound daemon(Joke product)(in Japanese)
2.1ch SubWoofer
FreeBSD installed machine(needs Netscape2.0 after,sorry) (in Japanese)
pcshoot.tar.gz: Shooting digital SLR camera by PC. tested by PENTAX *istD.
Astro photography by FreeBSD + digital SLR
NetBSD1.5/i386,sparc,macppc CD-ROM distribute
FreeOSs listed by plathome
IEEE1394 device reports on *BSD
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